In April 2017, Dr. Lauren Gawne approached me for help in making two storybooks she had created available for print-on-demand. Lauren works with Syuba speakers in Nepal, documenting their endangered language. The two books, Stories and Songs from Kagate and Jackal and Pheasant, comprise traditional stories in the Syuba language and are illustrated by students in the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU Singapore as part of a joint project by Lauren and Joan Kelly.

In preparing the books for print-on-demand services, I reformatted the files in Adobe InDesign, fixed font errors, designed and typeset the book to ensure it was both aesthetically pleasing and readable for children learning to read. I also advised Lauren on best practices with print-on-demand and helped to upload the files.

Stories and Songs from Kagate
is a compendium of folktales and songs collected during a 2014 field trip. It is illustrated by Ng Xiao Yan and edited by Ningmar Tamang. You can read more about the book and preview images on Lauren’s blog, Superlinguo, and on the ELAR blog.

Jackal and Pheasant
is a folktale about the titular animals pairing up in order to steal some sweet dessert from the human villagers. The original story was by Muna Luna, and it is illustrated by Jolene Tan. We produced four different editions of the book: in Syuba, English, Syuba and English, and Syuba and Nepali. Read more about the project and how to purchase copies at Superlinguo.