In 2018, I was privileged to work with Dr. Hilaria Cruz and help publish eight books in indigenous languages: six in Chatino, one in Ojibwe, and one in Hupa.

Dr. Cruz is a native speaker of Chatino, which is spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico. Inspired by the lack of literacy materials for Chatino, she and her sister created an orthography for the language, which was then put to use by students attending her class on language revitalization at Dartmouth. The original books were printed on hand-sewn cloth pages and displayed at Dartmouth’s Baker-Berry Library.

I worked with Dr. Cruz to produce the books in paperback via CreateSpace, so that they can be printed on demand and distributed to community members.

Photo by Gretchen McCulloch

The books are Chatino-only, with no translations. Two of Dr. Cruz’s students elected to translate their books into their own native languages, Ojibwe and Hupa. All illustrations were done by a student of the class.

All eight books are available for purchase on Amazon.

You can find out more about Dr. Hilaria Cruz here, and listen to an episode of the podcast Lingthusiasm about her research and the books.

Ebook editions of the books will be available soon.